Activity Logging Console

Premise: Users typically use Salesforce to internally keep track of their activities with external parties but users were just using it as a cloud backup/storage instead of collaborating

Goal: Customize the activity console to make it more efficient for users

Challenges: Salesforce on default is not customized to the needs of the company and need to discover why users are not using it in the first place

Researching User Experiences

I observed how different groups of users were using Salesforce (sales vs client service users). I talked to them individually about what they value the most out of the software.

What users want:

  • Sales Users: ability to track cold calls vs meetings and the next step for each prospect

  • Client Service Users: ability to get updated quickly (ie reading notes from previous meetings, calls or other people's notes)

Identifying Problem Areas

I asked users to conduct their normal daily tasks (logging & checking activities) and observed how they did it without interfering (correcting/directing).

BEFORE: Users had to scroll down to the bottom of the profile page, select "Log a Call" and fill out details in a new page

Some observations include:

  • Users searched for the company they had an interaction with, enter the company profile page, scroll down to the bottom for "Activities", select a button "Log a Call" to open a new page to start recording details.

  • Some users were not logging a meeting in the activity log because there is only a "Log a Call" button

  • Users confused about "task information" when in the activity consoleUsers confused about "Related Event Date"

BEFORE: Old Log "Console" (separate webpage)

In conclusion, the confusion within the console + multistep logging led to the issue that it's just plain inconvenient to use the activity logging function.


For both types of users, having to perform too many steps and having a confusing button label were the biggest problems.

I condensed the logging process down to a single page, where a user doesn't have to leave a company profile page to log an activity with that company.

I eliminated the several labels and used on big action word "create an event" and dedicated the type of activity to a drop-down pick list.

AFTER: On a company/contact profile page - logging console floating to the right with clear labels

Review and Results

I tested several layout and placements of the console within the profile page before settling on the best, most intuitive location.

The results was a 53% increase in interactions (such as logging activities, creating tasks, "interacting with the console").