Energy Markets Website Design

    Designing a settings console that control machine learning algorithm


    Company: AMS is an energy startup with software products such as battery monitoring and AI energy asset trading

    Users/Customers: Battery owners, solar farm operators, investors, energy wholesalers (PG&E, Southern California Edison, etc.)

    Problem: Website was not interactive and required customers to directly email a general email address to gain more information. Lack of digital lead generation channel.


    "A website with a lot of information but no direction"

    My task: Design a website focused on product discovery with a channel for leads.


    Product Strategy

    Sessions with Product Marketing & Commercialization teams to understand product strategy Design impact: Create a user journey that matches the products to their targeted markets

    Build a Sitemap

    Brainstorm with Product Marketing & another Designer Design impact: Be the voice of the user and be able to push back on content for the sake of the flow

    Internal Usability Testing

    Gather internal users from various teams (technical, business) and observe their site explorations Design impact: Being able to quickly test on the placement of copy and the visual sense

    Site Launch!

    Analyze & Revise

    Website tracking showed a lingering on the ”Product Demo” section Design impact: add demo info (such as a software screenshot/animation) to improve CTA click through

    Results & Next Steps


    Weekly average of ~3 direct contacts from energy businesses

    Next Steps

    • Iterate on tracking data

    • A/B test home page sections

    • Partner with Marketing & Engineering to create product demos that are made for the website