Reactive Module Design

Building an outage scheduling module

Forecasting platform

Platform: Energy price forecasting

Users: Traders, Energy managers who have control over physical assets that product energy

Identifying Issues & User Goals

Problem: No way for users to schedule in asset outages ⮕ inaccuracies in the forecasting ⮕ users not trusting the forecast

The existing process is 1) not efficient 2) not scalable

It wasn't feasible to integrate their outage system into our software so the next best solution would be to build the most frictionless process for users to inform our software.

User Goal Driven UI Design

Energy outages exists as "full outages" where capacity is dropped to none and "partial outages" where capacity is lowered but exists.

human thought process vs human-computer interaction

Scheduling an Outage

Majority of the outage cases are full outages but I still need a way to capture the partial outages without creating a whole new flow.

Validating assumptions

  • Prevalence

  • Technical terms

  • Technical terms

Outage selection as a reaction

Instead of separating the action into full outage and partial outage, one module handles both cases by using capacity as both an input field for partial outages and indicator of the type of outage.

Outage Indicators


  • it's less steps to complete the outage scheduling, it takes some of the mental burdence from the user to the software

  • building and designing one flow


  • resources it takes to make the module reactive instantaneously to input, especially the save button (✅ from Eng)

Viewing Outages

Outage information in chart tooltips and table

Results & Next Steps

Scheduling outages: implemented as designed

How an outage affects the forecast: chart indicators placed in backlog