Time Management in Mobile Ordering

Premise: Provide a simple mobile app for new and returning customers of Asha Tea House to purchase drinks for pickup.

Goal: Make user expectations clear (time it takes to pick up) during the ordering and pickup processes

Challenge: The Asha app is for pick-up only and is incredibly reliant on the user to complete their own drink ordering experience

Importance: Drinks are temperature sensitive and good timing minimizes situations where a) user still have to wait for their drink because of early arrival or b) drinks have been sitting at the counter for too long and the quality has been compromised

Main features to help make the pickup process smooth:

  • Address and estimated pickup time displayed before order is placed

  • Order details on the home page

  • A tab dedicated to Location

"What if you placed an order and didn't realize how long it will take?" Adding an estimated time and location in the Cart page before confirming the order allows users to manage their expectations of when they will get to enjoy their drink.

Clear address and est. pickup time before purchase

Once an order has been placed, a sticky notification will appear on the homescreen with the location and time counter on clear display. If clicked on, a pop up reassures the user that the order has been received or is being made.

L: homepage reminder to pick up order | R: notification turns into pop up details assuring the user the order stage

I added a dedicated "Location" button to the action bar to emphasize the nature of the pick-up service. It links to "directions to Asha..." in Google Maps and the store's phone.

** What I might also include is a link to the Yelp for reviews, parking, and accessibility.

Location lets user link to Maps or directly call the cafe location